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WORDS WITH INTENTION & Emotion's, ARE super powerful.

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Everything that I write about in my novel 'Max MacNeil & the secrets of the amulet' is related to the human intentions. Everything has a cause and affect so therefore the decisions we make are so important. Simple and small changes turn out to be huge changes in the long run.

Knowing this becomes our superpower, our direction, our insight, our creativity, our ownership, our uniqueness, our humility, our pain, our growth, etc and all of these human experience's creates the world we are seeking. And that seeking is not always what we desire but it is what our soul is seeking in order to remember who we are on the level we have always really known.

“The seeking is nothing more than finding that within. Finding the comforts in the material world is only temporary, but these comforts help us embellish and embrace more of who we are. They do not fulfil unless we are truly fulfilled within."

Mastering harmony within your heart has to be dealt with from the heart. Felt, identified articulated without any fear and if there is fear then facing that also.

Once we eliminate the fear of feeling then we can go deeper into that and then what takes place is that magical place of transformation. This only happens when we can transmute these energies into something wondrous.

“Being mindful of what we really want is to feel happy and powerful within ourselves. By doing this we would need to feel we are in alignment with our true purpose and enjoy what we do every day."

For example, look at the most serene people on our planet, who find happiness with the simplicity of being. That is true happiness.

Even though it's the human desire and rightful experience to enjoy our materialistic creations, its being mindful these things won't replace what we are missing in our being.

It is up to us to choose the life we want. Start creating our dreams. Small changes become huge.

Much Love xx


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