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Marie’s imagination, trust, belief and determination to inspire others to dream big and design and build the life they truly desire is what inspires her to create all that she truly desires.

She had taught herself to do all her own digital imagery and video work so nothing gets in the way of what she wants to create.  All her videos are done by herself.  Marie vision for Max MacNeil is to bring this into film.

About the Author / Artist

Marie was born in New Zealand, raised in the far north and grew up on a dairy farm. Marie was taught by her talented father (carpenter by trade), all the farm work and basic carpentry. Sadly, her father passed away July this year.  She is forever grateful to him for everything.

Marie comes from a loving family including her supportive mother, two sisters and older brother.

She is an introvert and loves her quiet space. Marie is very health conscious and loves her meditation time. In her young years from six months to seven years of age, she was in and out of hospital, with serious foot challenges. At one point she remembered having an out of body experience while on the operating table.

Marie grew up on a dairy farm but at the age of 18 she headed to the big city to pursue a career in hairdressing. She soon realized the world was not what she expected and for most of her years, she learnt many hard lessons about life.


Song: Domoni Iko Tu Ga · Rosie Soqeta

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At 28yrs of age one evening, upon some very low points in her life, she had a spiritual encounter. A white crisp ball of light the size of a basketball entered her room. Since that day Marie noticed everything in her life drastically changed which seemingly felt out of her control. Due to sudden health challenges, she lost her hairdressing business overnight, survived a brain aneurism with alternative healing by a Māori healer and it took her years to heal many other health challenges and heartbroken experiences. This led to her deep soul searching for understanding everything about her own paradigms that needed to be rewired.

2006, Marie had woken with a premonition of a Fantasy Family Movie starring a young boy and she began writing this story. Marie attempted to rebuild her life and began teaching herself many creative skills to support this purpose. Throughout her life upon constant challenging changes, it took her years to have the space to write her Novel.   It is called 'Max MacNeil & The Secrets of The Amulet. However, since that time, with the insight and integration she had aligned with, in 2012 Marie had written and self-published a non-fictional book 'Reclaim Your Subconscious Mind'.

Fast forward: 2017 Marie returned from Australia back to New Zealand for family reasons. On the 2nd of July 2023, Marie's father had passed away after a serious diagnosis and a challenging struggle in attempt to heal his condition. Marie's beautiful father gifted her the publishing package in support of her big dream. He believed in her 100% and knew what she sets her mind on she will achieve. Marie is forever grateful for her dads love and kindness through her life and Max MacNeil's vision has become even more special with her father's supportive gift which fuels her passion and direction even stronger.

To this day Marie’s humble story of overcoming obstacles, inspires others to not give up on their soul's purpose no matter what life may look like and how long the process takes. Marie believes that life is the most precious gift, and we must live from a place of gratitude, understanding ourselves, truth, kindness, and using our uniqueness to be in alignment with our true desires, in order to live life well. By doing this our unique gifts also naturally become a service for others. The key is to trust and back yourself, be persistent, trust the divine plan and believe 100% in your vision and dreams.

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