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The Bigger Vision for Max Macneil & the secrets of the amulet.

Updated: Feb 17

Is there going to be a film?

We all know that Max MacNeil is becoming something extra special than just another fantasy fiction. What I have heard so far from so many readers is: This needs to be a film.

And YES I agree. I am all over it. Currently finishing the updated screenplay, as of this moment.

Marie Ireland - Author of Max MacNeil

I am feeling extra healthy getting back into my full-time fitness again. Have goals to reach that I never quite got to last year with all the challenging changes.

So I have been very quiet on socials due to getting my new routine going and being in the screenplay zone. Having to write a screenplay takes different kind of brain cells. Having to be in that zone for a few hours without disruption is so important to allowing the flow.

It has taken me a few weeks to switch from wearing the different hats, novel hat, promo video editing hat, promotional hat and into being on the Film set hat.

When one writes a screenplay you need to be coming from a mindset on actually being on the film set and only writing what the film producer what's to see for their visuals, cues and character dialogue.

The main rule is to have a lot of white space and not a cluttered worded manuscript. Reducing the entire story down to quarter or less but not losing any of the storyline. It is a whole other challenge but a good one. If the screenplay is not written professional the film producer could literally throw it in the bin. And we can't have Max MacNeil going there.  I know without a doubt this is a magnificent film to be.


Anyhow so far, it is going great. Once I complete this I will get into Book 2 of Max MacNeil. Looking forward to what this year can bring.

Feeling focused and living with intention is the key to creating anything one desires.

Those pure intentions bring it into reality without having to chase anything or figure it all out. Just be present, do you in your best version, live your passion, keep your feet firmly on the ground while still thinking big, create from the heart and continue the journey, one step at a time   xx

Much Love, health and peace always xx



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