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Max MacNeil

& the Secrets of the Amulet

Max's quest begins ...

Image by Sebastian Unrau

Max held the diary out in front of him. He could feel a powerful vibrating energy coming from it. Images of numbers appeared in his mind; then, suddenly, the diary shook. Zac’s eyes bulged from shock at what he was witnessing.

‘What the—Max, you’re levitating.’

… What they saw next turned their mind into overdrive …

Max MacNeil’s life is turned upside-down when he discovers that his mother has been keeping secrets from him. Furthermore, he learns that he has inherited a powerful magical gift.


But with this power comes great responsibility and the need to find courage, as he is faced with illusions of his reality. Time is against Max, and together with his friends, they embark on a dangerous mission into the ancient past of a secret magical world to fulfill an extraordinary quest that will change the fate of humanity.


Meet the Characters


Pixie & Zac
Jessie & Bill
Kazukiana, Darion, Ana
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Max MacNeil just wants a normal, happy life. He loves his mother, but his father is distant and cruel. One day, he discovered some truths. Discovering an old diary, Max sets off on an adventure to uncover the truth about his family and the strange powers he's inherited.

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Max's friend and neighbour, Zac brings humour a tad too much ego. His skills include martial arts, and is the one Max can rely on most at times he needs company.

Jessie 17july shadow.png

Jessie—Max's mum

Max's mum Jessie loves him more than anything, but she hides a secret about their past that she's still struggling to get over. She loves gardening and cooking, and always gives the best homecooked meals.

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Kazuikiana FINAL 5thMar23 better colour shadow.png
Bill FINAL 8July shadow.png

Bill—Max's father

Bill, Max's father, has always seemed distant. He dresses well and presents himself well to anyone outside the household, but inside the household he's overly picky and often upsets Max and his mother. Max often finds himself wondering what is wrong with Bill and why he can't just join in with them.


Another special light being, Kazukiana has an incredible power and often brings awe to the young group as she helps them on their quest. She rides a beautiful white and tan horse and walks between many worlds.

Darion Shadow.png


Darion is another special light being, and one who has a special mission that was left only to him. But when he is unable to complete it in person himself, Max and Ana have to work together to complete it. Darion appears randomly as he watches them from afar.

Light Maya light body 30jan23 950am_edit

Light Maya—Universal Light Being

A very mystical and high light being that cannot interreact in the human world. Her role is to transition dark energy to assist in changing the fate of humanity.

Oliviana, aka Ana

A special light being with great magical powers. Ana guides the team on their journey and reveals a shocking revelation that leaves Max's world turned upside down.


A bright, energetic and intelligent girl, Pixie brings energy and advice to the group. She solves their riddles and keeps them positive and encouraged throughout their ordeals.

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