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The characters of Jessie and Bill in Max Macneil & the secrets of the amulet.

Who is Jessie and Bill

Max was brought up with a troubling past. Jessie is his mother and Bill his father.

Bill was a very strict man, not easy to get along with. He had very particular house rules, but more so he had a bad temperament.

He dressed very sharp and had a particular style that was uniquely admired by many of the locals. He always thought highly of himself and in some sense to a point his ego was a little out of balance. He felt the need to control others around him and never really showed any kindness to his loved ones.

The Character of Bill

Jessie was a particular homemaker. She loved to fuss making sure to keep her house clean, tidy and perfectly organized. But her particular focus for everything to be perfect was not always for the right reasons.
The Character of Jessie

Everything that Jessie did was to make sure Max was taken care of but also to keep her husband calm and happy.

Unfortunately, there was one thing with Jessie, that was not quite honest. She had been keeping something from Max and her guilt was partially why she was extra careful about everything being perfect in the home.

Jessie had to work so much harder to cover up the behavior because of her strict unkind husband and to make sure Max was living the life she wanted him to live. Jessie took the brunt of her husband's bullying as she felt it was partially her fault. It was a balancing act to keep the peace in order.

Bill and Jessie's relationship dynamics can be an eye opener into our own relationships in our lives. We should be living our best lives. Being truly happy and living with kindness on a daily basis.

Much Love, health and peace always xx


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