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The character of Darion in Max Macneil & the secrets of the amulet.

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Who is Darion?

A man called Darion who was an Elaydian Manafichosis was materialized on earth with no inherited, distorted DNA.

Darion was not born through human birth. A Manafichosis being is a bodily manifestation of pure light energy that is free from all distorted, human DNA. Manafichosis allows his being to have the ability of the physical body, travelling through lifetimes in search of the cursed symbol.

Darion's purpose was to carry a sacred spiritual gift, the ability to expose the real truth about how humans were meant to live in alignment with the abundance of wealth and pure intention.

He could remember all the lifetimes spent searching for the curse over the Amulet that corrupted and controlled all timelines throughout human history. His sacred mission, the attempt to free humankind from their habitual evil, came with extreme danger from the species of the corrupted. Upon being summoned for this great purpose, his time here on earth was to be lived like a normal human being while he was on this great mission.

The Character of Darion

Darion could also align and make connection within the higher realms. Everything that universally existed Darion could integrate, and this was a huge part of why Darion was summoned for his role. His unconditional giving nature and dedication to humankind was why Darion was chosen. However, his mission became shortened for other reasons.

On one particular day, Darion was in complete shock after witnessing a beautiful moment that soon became apparent to a dramatic ending for himself. He knew he was being summoned and could no longer continue his mission. In that moment he felt humanity was left without a choice.

In despair, Darion knew he had no choice but to surrender. His life, his knowing of all that existed was out of his hands. Coming to terms with the life he had created and the mission he was originally summoned for, was completely destroyed and was the hardest and saddest time in his entire life. He was a brave and selfless man.

As his character and his role throughout the story unfolds, his connection to the mission begins to make more sense.

Much Love, health and peace always xx


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