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The character of Kazukiana in Max Macneil & the secrets of the amulet.

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

What kind of being is Kazukiana?

Kazukiana is from another world, and ancient soul and an Elaydian being that originate from a special planet. She is a representation of our own guidance. She is the storyteller, the loving guidance, the protector, the high consciousness, the peaceful warrior that leads from a place of love, light and certainty.

She is not just a leader but rather a teacher that facilitates your own innate wisdom into finding the leader in yourself. She has many hidden magical abilities. She becomes an extraordinary example of all that exist.

Kazukiana's purpose is to facilitate as a higher guide to the crew as she is the carrier of the entire mission without being part of their actual journey.

The Character of Kazukiana

Kazukiana is the foundation for the human consciousness to align and make connection within the higher realms. She is in unison with all that exist but has no attachment to anything other than love and light. Her magical power is like no other. We have been introduced to Kazukiana as a horse whisper.

There is the ancient timeline that is to be systematically in sync upon every journey of this mission and Kazukiana could not do this alone. Even with her higher faculties and incredible unknow abilities, she herself required another being of light to make this mission a success.

Kazukiana could move in any realm, any which way she chose. Like Ana she also allowed the crew to find their own way using their own unique super gifts.

Much Love, health and peace always xx


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