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Updated: Nov 2, 2023

The more I express myself in who I am and what I practice in aligning with, the more I give to others. As I am writing my Novel that aligns with my purpose, the more I feel myself connected to source. It is that source that I am feeling one with in order to co-create my purpose to become into this physical reality.

The power of who you are has a vibration that can never be matched. It is your energy that changes the world around you. Your Individuality is what shines light into this world for whom you may impact. It could be one or it could be thousands/millions of people, it doesn't really matter. What matters is the person's life that you have impacted could unknowingly help them change and this of course would impact others through them. It becomes a ripple effect.

The only limit is the limit you place on yourself.

There is no limit to this change unless you place a limit on what you may think your purpose is. Sometimes we don’t realize where our purpose leads us, But the important thing is to follow it fiercely with total faith. Just know that you become one with an energy that flows. However, it doesn't mean it is easy, it all depends on what your purpose is and what you need to experience in order to deliver. No person is the same. For me, I know that of which I need to create, I require insight and experience so I can share such truth with compassion and understanding. And in each of these moments my awareness is expanded. It is life challenges that keep us grounded and humble, nothing is ever completed as we continue to grow. #nolimits

New Experiences in having Gratitude.

A moment is a place that you only experience once, and you can never get that back. That is the level of gratitude one must acquire to really understanding what presence truly is.

Within presence comes an awareness and an awakening into unconditional love. #gratitude

Genuine Integrity

Some of what I write is an insight into the power of what I deeply allow myself to feel. I am not claiming that I function in doing everything right, it simply means I am a human being who allows herself to be real, feel the fullness in particular moments and have the pure intention and understanding to move myself towards being more enlightened and by doing this my energy touches people that comes my way and others touch mine in the same way. We equally impact or heal each other. Being real and open with emotions and words is absolutely required to feel the fullness in experiencing this physical life. But if we come from a place of genuine integrity and love that is where we can begin to change the world. There is no real perfection, it is imperfection is where love really is.

Can you love those with what we may call imperfections, or do you expect them to be perfect?

Whatever we are faced with, gives us the opportunity to practice being of love. © Marie Ireland

Much Love xx


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