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The foundation of our own happiness.

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

What are some of the reasons to what can interrupt our own happiness?

As I have been preparing my pre-launch material for Max Macneil & the secrets of the Amulet, it evoked a topic that I feel is super important for everyone. Alot of my work and vision revolves around this.

Different perspectives on many ways that we interreact with others, and explain things, is how we make people feel.

This is something you may have heard many times before, but do we really think about it in every action we do and words that we speak?

We are not responsible to give others happiness, as every person feeling unbalanced, has their own distorted perceptions on the situation and that in itself, will trigger their emotional downward spiral, no matter what positive energy we give.

The first place I believe we start is with ourselves. How do we speak to ourselves, how do we love ourselves and how do we give ourselves happiness on a daily basis. I believe when we truly give this to ourselves, naturally without effort we give this to others. Not necessary others are in a place of receiving or can even grasp what you are giving, and some can even see it as not positive if they are in a negative vibration. However, that is never our business. What is our business is how we operate.

The Characters we can resemble.

The picture above represents the characters that we may play throughout our life. This is important to understand as it has a huge impact to how we are shaping our world. Of course, we would want to always be in alignment with the positive sides of our personality but that is not always the case when there is self-healing to be done.

The character we are always building is the one in which, how you wished to be treated. We cannot expect others to treat us well if we do not first have clear boundaries and treat ourselves well, as that is how we share our energy into the world.

If others are in a self-sabotage state, they will still want to pull you down if they are down in themselves. Again observe, reflect and be in your own energy where your happiness comes naturally as if it was never compromised from others in the first place. This can be a challenge as we can be wired to allow outside influence to affect us especially from those that are closest to us, but I still believe we can shift that when we observe it with an honest perception, for what it really is.

Was it us that contributed to this unbalance or is it solely their stuff? If it was us then own it, apologize and find that balance very quickly. If it was theirs, remove yourself and let them be in their own stuff.

When we can successfully do this, then our energy becomes inspiration, we uplift others, we see the good in them, we see where they struggle but need support and we also have an inner guidance to how we can be there for them and support them without compromising our own boundaries and self-happiness. If we look at our lives and see where there is unbalance and broken relationships, then figure out a way that works for you to find that happiness and just do that as often as you can. Happiness makes us healthy and where there is dis-ease, then we know the body begins to show signs.

Life is always a balancing act into loving who we are, and what we do and how we live on a daily basis.

For myself, I am always moving forward in taking care of every aspect of my life. Health is my first focus, then everything flows easier from there.

What is it that truly makes you happy and what do you really want to do with your life?

Much Love, health and peace always xx


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