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The first step in how to begin, to create what you desire.

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Life can be magical in many ways.

Firstly, I believe that we should always be grateful for what we have. But in saying that it should never keep us complacent and not striving for more. The first place in which we create is being in alignment of gratitude. Napoleon Hill who was a famous self-help author, always spoke about the importance of feeling what you desire. So the more you feel grateful you will bring in more to be grateful for. It goes with the mindset and the emotional charge we put behind what we focus on.

Our focus is extremely powerful and when we focus on the negative things in our life they seem to get worse. But the more we focus on the positive and building the life we want the closer the reality this becomes. This is how we bring into our life what we really do want.

But we must have clarity. The more we chop and change our mind, this will stop the flow of what we are supposed to be focusing on. It comes down to the laws of energy and how momentum of focus and clarity produce results.

Health is a very important area that requires a lot of attention if we are struggling in that area. It is important to have a healthy body. This goes alongside a healthy mindset. We cannot feel great and happy if we are feeling unhealthy, body pains and fatigue. So it is so important to consume mostly good healthy foods. Processed foods are not a wise thing to constantly eat. I wish I knew this in my teenage years. However, I learnt a big lesson at the age of 21 years when I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. I had to seriously look at my diet. And since the age of 28yrs I had to eat strictly healthy as I had other issues arise.

“What you consume into your body, produces results that maybe unseen now, but later on in life, can cause serious health complications."

I must say though since my health began to significantly change for the better. And I am not surprised. I spent decades attempting to heal my body and now I feel amazing and to the point I feel I am reversing my age. My core focus in life was to feel well and healthy. I always had a great mindset, but my body just wouldn't budge to a certain point. Or though I do believe my mindset and commitment to my healthy living kept my health the best it could be without any medications.

Now a days I do not have to focus so much attention, to be healthy as I naturally am. I have healthy eating habits that continue to create good healthy. And because I have had years or practice and knowledge in eating wisely, it has become a natural habit. The biggest gratitude I have today is the fact that I have my health and feel focused, happy in my goals, every day. And this creates more gratitude in everything beyond this.

I am a believer that we have all the answers.

I don't believe in building a life full of overwhelming responsibilities but merely building a life that aligns with your Soul. It may sound easier than said, but it merely comes down to be super clear on what you want and being persistent with taking action and keeping the momentum as best as you are able.

For myself I am writing the series of Max MacNeil and the Secrets of the Amulet. I have big dreams and goals for this story. I could not have done it, if I didnt take care of myself in the first place.

Life can create many obstacles that seem to take us off course but sometimes that course is needed in order to grow and find things that we may not have known before or even known about ourselves.

Much Love xx


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