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The character of PIXIE in Max Macneil & the secrets of the amulet.

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

What is it about Pixie that resonates with us?

We all find that our personalities are unique in some special way. Some of us are quiet and some, full of talk. Some days we can be extra energetic as it depends on who we hang around with, hence why we might feel a freedom to be more outspoken. However, some of us with large personalities are just that way all the time. Pixie is one of those exciting full personality characters. And she is very sure of herself.

Pixie's homelife is more about what she can learn. She is a bookworm but not only that she is known to have certain hidden gifts with retrieving and retaining the knowledge she is learning.

Pixie is also Max’s Neighbour on the opposite side of the fence to Zac. She is a very curious character and likes to put her nose in every situation. It is not always welcomed but she doesn't care as she knows what she has to offer, is important no matter what.

She is a very intelligent, confident, quirky nine-year-old girl, with fair skinned and natural ginger curls. She is small and petite but has a very strong presence. Most of her knowledge is self-taught and she loves to use it any chance she can get. Like Zac she has a cheeky way about her but also can be sarcastic if need be. So just maybe, Zac may have met his match?

The Character of Pixie

Max and Zac soon learn their journey is going to be quite interesting with Pixie on their tail feathers.

Particularly when they were taken on a chatty story about her relatives when they merely just asked her what her name was.

Pixie was excited to be on this journey with her new neighbors and she eagerly adopted them as her best friends, even if the boys were not so impressed it did not seem to bother her.

Her confidence was never swayed. She stays true to herself and was always one or maybe even a few steps ahead of the boys. Everything that was going on around her, fueled her curiosity.

Pixie immediately knew her role was going to be using her super intelligence. She was sure not afraid to show the boys up and knew her mission was to make sure they were well equipped with informative knowledge. She took her role seriously and began immersing herself in the quest that they were about to conquer.

The unusual realms that they found themselves caught up in, seemed to make Pixie feel right at home. She hung off every word from the information that was being feed to them and some of it even made sense as she had read a lot about energy and magical worlds. Pixie's parents encouraged her to think outside the box, so she was never afraid to adopt new experiences. In fact, she lived for the thrill of adventure and puzzle solving.

Much Love, health and peace always xx


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