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The character of Ana in Max Macneil & the secrets of the amulet.

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

What is it about Ana that resonates with us?

There is so much more to who we are. If we open our minds and allow ourselves to feel about things rather than conditional opinions, we would, find our intuitive abilities take a front seat. Ana is that pure example of being in alignment with her intuition. She is an Elaydian being which originates from another planet. Even though she is from another world she showcases that we all have that ability if we believe and wish to use. Ana's character is very wise with magical superpowers that she pulls from the higher realms. But who is she?

Ana's purpose holds a special sacred energy that aligns with the Amulet. The world in which she lives is full of flow, magical power and alignment and she encourages to bring these energies into the human reality.

She is highly intelligent but does not resonate with a lot of earthly energies even though she if fully aware of the human consciousness. She always sticks to her own purpose and has no agenda to control any situation. However, one thing she is passionate about is kindness. Any behavior that is not in alignment, she immediately becomes protective. She has an ethnic natural look about her with her dreadlock and earthy toned attire. She has dark olive skin and is always bare foot. Her ability to always be in connection with nature and everything around her amplifies her magical gifts.

The Character of Oliviana (Ana)

There is a secret about Ana. It is not known by Max, Zac or Pixie to who she is, and why she is part of this journey.

Without Ana's presence and her ability to blend the two worlds, this mission would never take place. She holds a secret mission that was linked to the human world but her purpose there, was for only one reason. This instigated a shift in the entire human race.

Ana witnesses' the many disconnected human facility's in amongst the crew. And she is often amused by their entertaining confusion.

The mission was the only focus for her as she knew what was needed. This was not something that could be taken lightly and every step of the way it was crucial to be in sync with the ancient timeline.

Ana knew everything about the realms but did not have the full compacity to work through the human realm. She has to allow the crew to find their own way using their own unique super gifts.

We all have high faculties that are untapped. At any moment we can decide to know more about this part of who we are.

Much Love, health and peace always xx


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