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KNowing youself and following your own path.

Updated: Mar 23

What does this mean? How do we know what that looks like. Life can be full of surprises, challenges and confusion so how do we know when we are affected by outside influence?

There is no escaping the real facts about your challenges, your beliefs, your state of false reality that you buy into, comparison, and your intentions. The world has many messages that we continue to receive without often realizing. We can often find we compare ourselves to others in many ways. A large percentage of this comes from social media.

“Social Media Platforms tend to create a falsity which brings about comparing and distorted perceptions, unless we are aligned and connected to our own rhythm.”

Social Media is a great way to connect and share of course, but in order to find your way you absolutely need to go places in yourself that reveal which no longer serves your higher good. We must take responsibility for ourselves and always do the best we can without giving ourselves are hard time. #fullresponsibility

Create Real Content that others can relate with

I often speak my own truth of value when I feel guided, to whomever and wherever, but it is from that source within, and I do take my own advice. When I find challenging times, I adopt to becoming an observer and recognize the core reasons of this challenge, It can be a range of anything but I tune in so I can learn what is mine and what is others. If it is mine, I take full responsibility and by doing so the challenge can no longer take power. Now when it comes to others because I am an empath, I can feel so much more than I may need to at any given time. However, I can detach from that and learn about those around me so I can shine my own light instead of participating in the game of falsity. #beauthentic

Pure Intentions

“Be original, and share your story with clarity, from your own experiences.”

Be your own light and know that there is never any rush to achieve. Rushing creates fear. A false belief that we are in lack. Aligned action is highly part of the equation, without giving energy to something you cannot expect your required outcome, but we must allow and surrender to divine timing in order for the best outcome. #pureintentions

How can you live from authenticity?

It is very simple. Just function from what you experience and how you can share your experiences with open and honest truths. One does not have to find answers from others words or experiences. Everything about you must be real, honest and genuine. Coming across genuine is simply being genuine. People can see through falsity often, not always but most likely something does not sit well for them. In saying that everyone does have certain types of connections with all sorts of personalities so that does come into play as well. But whoever we truly are, we must share that with the world. Be yourself, be genuine, be kind and be honest.

Much Love xx


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