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Updated: Nov 2, 2023

This one maybe a little extra for my readers but it is such a powerful perspective on life and how random events can happen totally unexpected.

As I allow myself to write a story for the higher good. I am reminded to why this concept had been gifted to me. Those that know me know that I am writing a Novel and have big dreams for it. Not just any Novel it is an adventure story but from my truth and yet anyone can relate.

The day my life changed.

Many years ago, I had a spiritual encounter that brought me to an embodiment of unconditional love. At that time, I had surrendered my soul to whatever would become of me. From my experience of pain and facing it head on, came something extraordinary. And literally in my presence that rained through my entire physical being, was a physical manifestation of unconditional love in the form of an energetic crisp ball of light the size of a basketball. It was enough energy for me to handle the magnitude and feel its magnificence in its fullness. When faced with that energy it brings up every part of what is not love. That was the challenge I had to face. Not only that but it showed me I am here on the earth for many reasons but also to bring myself closer and closer to unconditional love. It is one thing to receive such energy at that depth and in that way but when we need to become that energy towards our human self it is a different story. And it becomes a lifelong story. #spiritualencounter

New Perspective

From that moment the journey I had to take in order to know that love and accept it has part of me was to connect deeper with myself. The deeper I connect with my heart, my soul, who I am the more I feel with others. It is never about being fluffy or disconnected from our plane. It is to be fully grounded yet one with our higher self and express ourselves through our emotional body from experience. The soul and the mind is what creates wisdom together. Our emotional body is where we find that connection into love. Of course, as we know, at times our humanness often gets the better of our true being. So the depth of learning is infinite, while we embody our physical. #perspective #awareness

New Direction

Over time I had allowed all to fall away from what no longer served my higher good. One morning I woke with a very real & powerful premonition. I immediately began to write, and this story flowed with me, and it wouldn’t stop. I grasped the awareness of what I was to do. Throughout these years this story, this energy has been gifting me difficult experiences I have needed in order to deliver. #mytruth

The Purpose

To this day I am of course still learning about my real truth that I need to express, and it has nothing to do with a destination or having material items it is embodying my purpose and sitting in that purpose in order to fully express my story. This story is a resonance of every soul that lives. I have no judgement on it or nor do I claim it to be your truth but mine. But on that deeper level, what is mine is yours as we are collectively united through the oneness of being. #mypurpose

Much Love xx


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