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The power of imagination.

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Most of us all love fictional imagination. why is this?

I believe it creates happiness and human connections in ways that we cannot get in our own lives. I also believe it can help us to tap into our own imagination and enhance our lives in ways we never thought of. Diving into a fantasy fictional novel or watching those fictional movies can inspire us so much as it takes us into another world. When our mindset is playful and forming new experiences with the unknown, the imagination takes on a whole new wavelength that we can enjoy and also this is when we can begin to think outside the box in many ways.

For example, people can often be inspired creatively which can lead to being more artistic, taking up those hobbies that one never had given time to. Or starting a business that feels aligned with your passions or even deciding to write your own book in whatever genre that might be.

There are so many positives and great messages one receives from reading or watching a great fantasy fiction. They are truly my favorite.

If you have ever really taken the time to think about how things are created in this world. It first starts in the imaginative mind and then if worked on with a continual momentum can bring what you desire into a reality.

The Power of Imagination
Max MacNeil Family Fantasy Novel
The Power of Imagination

The picture above represents the many doorways into unknown worlds. What is behind those worlds can be an unlimited creation of whatever we desire it to be.

We are the story writer; and we are simply the creator. And that goes for whatever we desire in the reality of our own life. It may not seem easy, and times can be challenging for us but overcoming obstacles is part of the journey in creating.

We must be open and playful with the imagination. Just like children are. We need to keep the childlike mindset and allow our imagination to take hold. The power of imagination is incredible.

Many years ago, the story that I began to write called Max MacNeil and the Secrets of the Amulet came to me in a dream state premonition upon waking one morning. It took me years to actually be ready to write it. I knew it was an incredible story, but it seemed I was never in a great place in my life to have the time to write.

However, life happened as it does, and I endured many challenges. Even though I know that timing and things can happen for a reason, I knew my experiences was for a bigger reason and it related to this story that was gifted to me.

Moving forward about 4 years ago; I was brought into a situation in my life that I returned back to the family farm, I realized it was time to write this amazing story that had never left me. So, I continued where I left off from chapter one.

Once I put focus, time and inspired action into writing, the story took hold of me in so many ways. The excitement of writing was how I envisioned the story in my dream state. It came to me as if I was watching a film so that is how I wrote it. Writing it that way made the story feel alive and exciting with so many unexpected twists and turns that would leave the reader on the edge of the seat. Or should I say turning the next page. To me I got so excited over the story and the characters that to me it was a feeling or realness. I needed to make these characters come to life and that is precisely what my mission is as it was meant to be. So, I taught myself, to become a screenplay writer.

I studied for a couple of months and analyzed top award-winning screenplay writers and now I knew I was ready to write. I kept telling myself I am an expert screenplay writer and that is how I began to write. I completed the screenplay. However, when I got my Novel finally with the publishers. The story had altered in area's so that meant I had to redo the screenplay from scratch. That's fine with me though as I am so excited about the vision for Max MacNeil Series.

I believe every person has a story to tell in whichever way they have experienced life and if you desire to write about it, just start and let it take on its own journey.

Magic does happen when we create, take action and believe in what we create.

Much Love xx



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